Sunset Sherbet (3.5g)

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It is a tasty, colorful hybrid that starts off with a zing of mental stimulation with an almost immediate jolt of uplifted cerebral energy that leaves you social and euphoric, accompanied by a full-body relaxing buzz

This strain was bred from the ever popular Girl Scout Cookies and a strain known as Pink Panties – together they create a brilliant citrusy medication that will please your senses. Be ready for lots of energy here; you won’t be couch-locked or tired on this beautiful flower. Tunnel vision and the desire to be productive make it good for completing projects and day smoking. It can promote focus in lower doses, as long as the task is not overly complex. Save this strain for the afternoon.

Sunset Sherbet is particularly popular among medical users as it provides the necessary relief without having to deal with the lethargy associated with indica-dominant strains. It is the perfect strain for users that want to get motivated, and stay awake. It helps battle ADD, depression and is also known to stimulate appetite, so those with nervous stomach or gastrointestinal pain may appreciate this sweet flower. The strain’s pseudo-narcotic effects can numb aches and pains, whether incidental as due to injury or chronic from conditions like arthritis or lupus. It also comes with a lower risk of paranoia and is great for those with anxiety disorders or with a low THC tolerance.

Sunset Sherbet is distinguished by medium to large-sized flowers that hold together in a dense, indica-typical structure. The wide leaves are a vibrant spring green, set off by rust-colored pistils. The aroma of sweet berries and fresh orange zest jumps off of the cured buds, a tantalizing combination of Sunset Sherbet’s parent strains. On closer inspection, a skunky pungency lurks underneath the fruity tones, while grinding up or breaking open the nugs reveals the strain’s dank, hashy odors, courtesy of grandparent strain OG Kush.

24.2%THC - 0.27%CBD