What Smokers Ask

Will you deliver to me?
If you live within the state of California, YES! We offer next business-day marijuana delivery throughout California and same-day marijuana delivery within the Los Angeles area in Southern California.
I don’t live in California, can you deliver to me?
Nope, sorry. At the moment we are unable to deliver marijuana or any cannabis-based products outside of the state of California regardless of legalized marijuana and legal medical marijuana legislation within that state.
When will my marijuana delivery arrive?
We offer same-day marijuana delivery within the Los Angeles area, usually within 60-90 minutes. The next-business day shipping works outside LA throughout California.
How do you guys make the delivery?
We use discreet packaging and professional delivery staff to respectfully ensure your safety and privacy.
I don’t have a doctor’s medical recommendation, how do I get one?
We recommend checking out DrMed, which allows you to videochat with a doctor online and receive your marijuana medical recommendation within minutes!
I already have a medical marijuana doctor’s recommendation, how do I sign up?
Go to Contact us page and fill in your details, we'll send you a marijuana collective application form; you’ll need an image of your driver’s license and medical marijuana doctor’s recommendation.