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Sativa-Dominant Hybrid

Candyland is a sativa-dominant hybrid created by Grand Daddy Purp’s Breeding and Development Team out of California and is a mix of Bay Platinum Cookies and Grand Daddy Purple – two renowned California strains. The mother, Bay Platinum Cookies is a sativa dominant Cookies cross also created with Grand Daddy Purple genetics. A gold metal winner at the 2012 Kushcon and a fan favorite in California and Colorado.

Flavors & Aromas

Generally depending on the phenotype, the smell can range from a sweet candy and grapes, to earthy, chemy and musky. The Grand Daddy Purple father is notorious for passing along the grape and berry aromas while its mother, The Bay Platinum Cookies has the classic Girl Scout Cookies aroma with an added bonus of sweetness from the Bay 11. Some lean towards the cookies side while other gravitate towards the Grand Daddy Purple.


Candyland is best known as a mood enhancer geared for pain relief, relaxation and great at managing muscle tension. Also effective in treating depression, anxiety and pain while some exhibit an increase in mental focus. Even though it can be sativa dominant strain it is not known to be racy and on the average THC levels can reach 19% or more. Be careful with this one cause she can be very potent while providing excellent relief throughout the whole body.

Positive Effects